Dembele fined after arriving at training three minutes late

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Working with a new manager must be perfect as Barcelona winger Ousmane Dembele will face a fine after arriving at the training ground three minutes later than

Xavi Hernandez has just taken over as manager. Barcelona’s official announcement on Monday and he immediately put in place new rules for players to follow.

One of the rules is that “alien” players must arrive at the training ground at least 90 minutes prior to the start of training.  Those who arrive late will be fine.

A report from the Mirror said Dembele broke the rules because he arrived at the training ground three minutes late, and the player had to arrive by 8:30 a.m., but he appeared at 8.33. n.

Even if it’s only 3 minutes late. But for Xavi, the rules must be rules that make Dembele become the person. Who will be slaughtered for the monkeys to see.

That means the Wings of Perfumed Blood will be fined. And if he repeats this same mistake again, he will be fined even more.

Getting the players to arrive at the training ground early in order to have breakfast in peace. This includes talking to the coaching staff one-on-one if needed.

This rule also applies to the coaching staff. They will have to set an example for the players by arriving at the training ground two hours before training time.

Barça has not had a fine since the retirement of Luis Enrique in 2017, but Xavi has opted. Reuse this rule