Collection of ideas for various activities

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Collection of ideas for various activities. When unemployed, introverted, semester break

Suggestions for ideas for activities. When having to stay free, it may be unemployment, detention, introvert, semester break, or there are reasons that cannot go anywhere. Must stay at home, stay at home or be restricted Must in that place Do not go out. Instead of being stressed out, try to think positively by doing useful activities. Especially activities that focus on self-development at UFABET.

Writing, taking notes, daily

Taking notes will help you remember. What you learn more. When coming back to read those notes will remember things. That learned very quickly especially the elderly memory starts to go bad Therefore, taking notes helps memorize. What I have learned. which may be another matter Like recording things that have been done each day, thoughts, good ideas that arise during the time when there is nothing to do. Or unable to do anything, unemployed, school break, detained, introverted, come up with something good, write it down in your notebook and keep it first.

Examples of recommended activities for those

Following the news and studying the current situation

If there is a reason to detained or unable to go anywhere with force circumstances. There may natural disasters, storms, floods, epidemics, having to stay at home. should follow the news and study the situation that is currently facing to know how to survive during the epidemic must learn how to survive self defense But be careful not to follow the news too much. until the stress

Watch movies, listen to music, play games

Many people like this band. Because most mobile phones can connect to the internet, so they can watch movies, watch videos on Youtube, listen to music or play games, but this type of activity is not recommended because it does not help self-development at all. only entertainment

Home cleaning repairs household items

While unable to go anywhere have to stay home. All day try to repair the house clean the house Store things in the house, decorate the house, rearrange the house, rearrange the room. Which will have time to do it fully. But no matter what you do Don’t forget to take a photo or take a video as well. Because if you post it on YouTube or Facebook when interested people come to see it. It will be a way to generate income in the future as well

study new career

During times when you face with natural disasters, epidemics, unemployment, unemployment, semester break, or having to stay at home. limited location. What you should do is Studying a new career Analyze the pros and cons of current careers. and develop yourself learn a new career to able to survive more Some open a restaurant. When an epidemic situation occurs have to close the shop. Especially if there is a member in the shop infecte with the disease. Some people may not be born again. Because customers will tell each other. that this store has germs and did not dare to approach don’t dare to buy things in the store

Take care of your own health and those around you.

during quarantine, quarantine, or when there is a reason to stay at home Should not act still, do nothing, sit and lie down, should take care of your health, exercise as much as you can. In a narrow room, you can exercise. Like yoga, aerobics, and eating healthy foods as well. If there are multiple household members You also need to invite each other to exercise.