‘De Frij’ insists Conte never invited him to the chicken coop

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Inter Milan defender Stefan de Feij has denied rumors he is being drawn to Tottenham Hotspur by Antonio Conte. Did not contact the old boss on this matter,

Conte agreed to take over Tottenham Hotspur. With the homework that needs to be fixed. Causing news to be linked with former defender de Frij. The key to the Serie A championship last year,

Inter Milan defender Stefan de frij has denied claims. He is set for a move to reunite with Antonio Conte at Tottenham Hotspur. Despite rumours linking the 29-year-old with a transfer.

Conte has been in the managerial position at Spurs for less than two week but numerous players have already been linked with a move to join him in north-London. This includes players from his former side

however, the 29-year-old defender, who moved on free from Lazio. Joining the Python team in 2018 has come out to deny such rumors.

“I deny the rumors that have come out. I don’t know anything To be linked is very easy because the coach I used to work with now works there (Spurs),” De Freij told Ziggo Sport on his way to the Holland national team.

“Conte has not contacted me about this. I focus on playing for the national team. that’s the most important thing Then I will only think about Inter and of course not Spurs.