Gerrard confirmed that ‘Coutinho’ is ready to hit the ghost

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Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard has confirmed that new signings Philippe Coutinho and Lucas Digne will be able to help the team against Manchester United on Saturday but will not rush to the field due to their absence. Match fit at

Villa will add interest in the winter market with the loan of Brazilian playmaker Coutinho and France left-back Digne from Everton.

“They got on the pitch, Coutinho’s three-day training was no problem. Obviously we have to make a fit match for him,” Gerrard said.

Steven Gerrard has hailed Philippe Coutinho and Lucas Digne as “statement signings” who have the “steel and style” to help turn Aston Villa into a major Premier League force again quickly.

“They are definitely a sign of optimism and ambition,” said Gerrard of this week’s arrivals. “We want to move now, we don’t want to wait.” The manager said the illustrious newcomers had the quality and knowhow to improve their teammates in much the same way as players such as Dietmar Hamann helped Gerrard to develop during his playing days at Liverpool.

“Lucas is a little bit different. He’s been involved in group practice for a while now. He was available to play for Everton before moving in.”

“Both are available to choose from. and in a good spot But of course the decision must not go back and look at the information of the two of them a few days ago.”