“Keane” scolded “Maguire” for several months

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Manchester United legend Roy Keane has been unhappy with the celebration of Harry Maguire‘s goal after heading the “Roaring Lions” in England’s 5-0 win over Albania . 

The goal was taken from the 9th minute of the match. With a rhythm from a free-kick outside the box on the right that Reece James opened the ball to the far post to Maguire, ran away to articulate the ball to hit the net

. Maguire celebrated the goal by making earplugs. Which is referred to as being heavily criticized for the performance that has been shown against Manchester United,

Roy Keane saw that the celebration made him even more angry and angry.

“When the players Put your hands over your ears like that. It’s about telling critics to shut up. But I think it’s humiliating,” Keane told ITV.

“He’s a disgrace to Manchester United

. Really embarrassing.”

Ex-Arsenal striker Ian Wright was less concerned with the Manchester captain’s celebrations. how much united

“I don’t think he needs to do that.

“This is something I’ve done. But looking back now and thinking carefully, you don’t have to. Because they still have to play a lot of football.

“Don’t give them the opportunity to say You’re done. Just play your game, Harry.”