‘Maguire’ move to a new team and start over.

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Former Manchester United winger Lee Sharp advises Harry Maguire to leave the club. To begin rebranding himself again,

Maguire was heavily criticized for his performance with the “Red Devils” and was also not the main choice for Eric ten Hag

Sharp. Speaking to the ยูฟ่าเบท about the England defender’s situation:

‘I’m not sure he can continue playing for United. Because of the heavy criticism that has dragged on for too long.

Former Manchester United winger Lee Sharpe believes Harry Maguire needs to leave.

Sharpe feels he should leave in January to secure a regular game.

“I’m not sure he can carry on playing for United because the stick has got a little bit too heavy and gone on a little bit too long,”

“Maybe a fresh start at another club to sort of rebrand himself, if you like, would be more beneficial than staying at United.

“He’s obviously way down the pecking order at United. We’ve seen Luke Shaw play centre-half ahead of him at times.

“So I think the best thing for him would be to move on, but he seems strongly enough-minded and stubborn enough to stick around and try to fight for his place, so fair play to him.”

“Maybe starting over at another club will be a rebrand for himself. It might be more beneficial than continuing to play at United.

“The other thing is he’s second option at United. We’ve seen Luke Shaw put in center before Maguire on a number of occasions.

“So I think the best thing for him is to move on. But he seemed strong and stubborn enough to stay and fight for his position. You also have to praise him for this.”