‘Matic’ admits responsibility, Rennes reveals he skipped practice

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Nemanja Matic admits his mistake Ready to explain that he took time to find a new school for his child. Later, Rennes’ agency released a statement. This veteran midfielder Disappeared from practicing without permission

The 35-year-old Serbian midfielder moved from Roma to join Rennes last summer for a fee of 2 million euros. This season he has played in Ligue 1 and Europa for a total of 19 matches. “Nemanja Matic is

not Appeared in several training sessions with our first team,” the club announced on Thursday.

“Matic is an experienced player with a contract remaining until 2025 and behavior like this It’s something we can’t completely understand. “

We always prioritize the well-being of our players. “We are waiting for an explanation from Matic

and we are ready to take the necessary steps to protect the club’s interests,” he

said. It was published not long after the former Chelsea and Manchester United star posted an IG story explaining the reason. It’s a problem with the education of our three children. ทางเข้า ufabet

“I want to put an end to all the rumors. and confirms that it is a great honor for Rennes to bring him on board for such an ambitious project. To use my abilities and experience.”

“After spending 6 months with the club I can confirm that Rennes is a great team for the players. Especially the rising stars.”

“However It’s because of my own mistake. unable to adjust personal life It fits the football career.”

“My children have been studying in international schools since the beginning. But right now I can’t apply them to that kind of school.”

“I’ve been missing for the past three days to solve that problem. It is a big deal for me and my family, tomorrow I will return to Rennes to decide on my future with the club.”