Moyes relieved of the risk of sending Bowen to a successful start

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David Moyes was relieved that the risk. Of putting Jarrod Bowen on the pitch helped West Ham United to the win after the player recovered from injury

. Because of the ankle injury that occurred in the game against Liverpool

, they must hope that it will be Bowen or Manuel Lanzini who has entered the field in this game. With the latter having. Only suffered an accident on Thursday

, Moyes ultimately picked Bowen to start and rewarded with a winning goal in the 2-1 win over Everton and scores back up to the Top Six. x

“I just found out yesterday that Lanzini will not be able to play,” Moyes said. to the ufabet report

“I think given the lack of quality of Lanzini we should have Jarrod start 50-60 minutes or put him on. Reserve in the last half hour?”

“I don’t think he’s fully prepared. It’s not about his fitness, but his playing style and he’s a little worried about that


Rod like that. He himself doesn’t know if he’ll be back playing well enough but he’s already got high standards

. And unfortunately he had an injury when he faced Liverpool, his chances of being called up were reduced

. He will be back in the national team in June.”