‘Sancho’ admits feeling relieved to adapt to play for the devil.

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England star wing Jadon Sancho admits In the end, he came out of a difficult time and was able to adapt his football to Manchester. United have got

Sancho’s £73m move from Borussia Dortmund in the summer, and he has been highly anticipated by fans to transform the team into the Premier League title contender. The league. the ufabet report

, however, has had trouble adjusting to the new team. He is rarely given the chance from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to play in the starting lineup. Before starting to get more opportunities after the Norwegian manager was sacked in November last

year, the 21-year-old has played more. He has started in 6 of the last 7 games and has been doing well. Take part in team goals

“I blame myself a lot. Of course, this wasn’t my best season. I learned a lot from this time,” Sancho told Sky Sport Germany.

“New league, new team-mates, I would say that now I just got out of a difficult time. I feel more comfortable and happier “.

In addition, Sancho admitted that the influence of Manchester United players in the national team camp. Helped convince him to move to Old Trafford:

“I met Jesse Lingard, Marcus Rashford, Harry Maguire and Luke. Shaw, in the national team they always say Let’s come to United together,” Sancho said.