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Haaland explains rumors about new contract extension

Haaland explains rumors about a new contract extension with Manchester City Previously, there were rumors that Manchester City wanted to extend Erling Haaland’s contract. He still has 3 years left on his contract with Manchester City. Erling Haaland, Manchester City’s regular striker , does not want to

Arsenal beat Luton Town 2-0.

Arsenal beat Luton Town 2-0 at home in the Premier League. This made them overtake the leader but played 1 more match than Liverpool. At Emirates Stadium, it’s a Premier League battle between the Gunners at home and taking on Luton Town.  UFABET  The home team

Sociedad has 3 offers to buy Le Nordmand.

Real Sociedad 27-year-old center Robin Le Nordmand is a signing target for Atletico Madrid, Napoli and Newcastle. Mundo Deportivo It was reported sports on Wednesday that. Real Sociedad has received three offers from Atletico Madrid, Napoli and Newcastle to sign Robin Le Norcman, 27-year-old center

 ‘Maguire’ move to a new team and start over.

Former Manchester United winger Lee Sharp advises Harry Maguire to leave the club. To begin rebranding himself again, Maguire was heavily criticized for his performance with the “Red Devils” and was also not the main choice for Eric ten Hag Sharp. Speaking to the ยูฟ่าเบท about the England

Elneny announces founding of new club

Arsenal midfielder Mohamed Elneny has announced the formation of Elneny FC, of ​​which he is both owner and coach. Ready to open applications for 25 top players aged 16-25 years who want to develop their skills.Elneny is facing criticism from Jewish football fans for using the